How does the Puck work?

Updated 3 years ago by Team

First, open a Zenytime game or challenge (app) in your phone. Then, puff at the breath sensor to wake it up and establish Bluetooth link with your phone. 

Once phone and puck are connected, place your thumb on the biosensor and keep it there: if your thumb isn't on the sensor, opaque elements appear in the game, on top of the scenery, that make gameplay less easy - they vanish as soon as your thumb is back on the sensor. 

And when you're ready and the game or challenge is fully loaded, well, have fun and stay focused: you're now controlling the game with your breath. 

Purse your lips, breathe out in a controlled manner, follow on-screen cycles, and play, at your pace, the game/challenge will adapt. The Puck will automatically turn off after some inactive time.

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